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Why not Philly?

Gong to NYC for fun is so last millennium. Philly has an amazing nightlife, daylife, artlife, musiclife, workshoplife, kidslife, freelife – you’ve no idea. But we do.

We’re bringing together Philly’s most original, local musicians, artists, filmmakers and other creative and giving them an engaged audience – you.

Check out the Calendar and you’ll know that there is always more to Philly.

Keep it simple – keep it awesome!

Always More To Philly (AMTP) starts with a simple email sent out every Monday morning. The email has events for every day of the coming week. It’s clean and easy to navigate. No spam, just Philly – unplugged and ready to explore.

So you can open it on your phone and find something exciting to do tonight in a few seconds. It just doesn’t get simpler to discover Philly fun. Sign up for the email below:

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The Calendar

To keep the weekly email short, we only include a small selection of each day’s events. For all events this week, month, year, etc. – check out our Calendar.  You can filter it by categories (like Music, Visual Arts, Activity) or tags (kids, acoustic, story, etc.). You can play around with views. Most importantly, you can find the most interesting, original, off-the-beaten-path thing to do in Philly.

The Hidden Agenda

Our secret mission has three steps:

  1. Empower local creatives.
  2. ???
  3. Sell out to LiveNation.

Just kidding. Our actual hidden agenda is to give small, independent promoters and artists an audience. Ever wanted to catch Will Smith in his earliest rap attempts? See one of the first comedy sets of Kevin Hart (who btw went to the same high school as the founder of Always More To Philly)?  What about the first role of Bradley Cooper or Kevin Bacon?

The next superstar is right now putting on a one-person act, playing an open mic, doing experimental sh*t you wouldn’t believe right on the street. We want to encourage local, unique, edgy talent. And we want to help you discover it all.

And it’s not just entertainment in the classical sense. There are amazing workshops, activities, and just random fun events that you’re itching to jump into – if you only knew they existed.

Well, they do. And our hidden agenda is to give them an audience.

Meet the Team

We’re a very small team. But we’re Philly tough. So we’ll build this website and email event-by-event, day-by-day, edit-by-edit until both our agendas (bring awesome events to Philadelphians and bring Philadelphians to awesome events).

David [Dah-vEED] Kieve (The Punk)

You may tell that David plays guitar from something in his appearance. As a singer-songwriter, comedian, and an overall nonconformist, David long quit the 9-5 in favor of freelancing. After an interesting – but not entirely fulfilling – experience cofounding a startup, David decided that any future venture had to be a passion project.

After growing up in Philly, David attended college in NYC… and took over a decade to leave that city. While in NY, David got spoiled by all the entertainment and activity options, including all the crazy, “only in NY” fringe events.

But why not in Philly?

By the time he returned to Philadelphia, the city had a lot of entertainment to offer – and much of it was fresh, edgy, begging to be discovered.

And yet there was no unified, easy-to-navigate way to discover even the mainstream (Kimmel Center, The Fillmore, etc.) events – let alone fringe shows and one-of-a-kind experiences.

So he created one. Being a pretty decent email marketer (ahem, #1 in the world according to a certain ranking on a certain freelancer site), David started with email. Because email is simple when done right: you open it up when bored and find something to do in seconds. Then came the website. And social media. And… well, there’s already plenty here to improve upon.

He even got accepted with Always More To Philly into the prestigious Tribe 12 Fellowship.

Most importantly, David is solving his own problem of “What should I do tonight?” And that’s why he loves AMTP so much (and hopes you love it too).

Margarita “Rita” Beilina (The Explorer)

Every good project needs an MBA, a great Marketer, and a tough Texan – and Rita is all three.

How do we get the weekly email out at 9AM on a Monday? Rita.

How do we know our events are interesting and diverse? Rita.

How do we pull it all together? Coffee.

When David is too busy coming up with the next 50 great ideas that may never lead to anything, Rita is finding just the right events and putting them into a weekly plan.

As a mother of a wonderful daughter who loves entertainment as much as any Philadelphian, Rita got frustrated by how hard it was to find fun family-friendly events in the Philadelphia area. And for those babysitter nights when she and her husband could go out on the town… again it was a problem finding something interesting quickly.

So she jumped into making AMTP what she – and all Philadelphians – need. Rita makes sure there are plenty of events for the whole family in AMTP. With her keen understanding of business and marketing, Rita keeps finding the most interesting events for every Philadelphian. Her strong sense of good UX is the reason our website doesn’t look like an even more basic version of Craigslist.