Always carry a cup of tea

Walking around a city on a cold night, carry a cup of hot tea with you.

Maybe there is a stranger sitting in the cold in the corner of your eye. In distress. Having a bad moment. Cold and sad. And needing a cup of hot tea.

Maybe there is a security guard or parking lot attendant with a long overnight shift. And no one to talk to. No one to bring a cup of hot tea.

Without a doubt, there are homeless people without such basic luxuries as an electric kettle… or a kitchen.

You may make a new friend. Or do something nice for someone you will never see again. Both outcomes are beautiful.

Going home with a cup of hot tea in your hand, take a detour. Circle around. Take a street you usually ignore. I guarantee that 5, 10, even 60 minutes spent walking around as the giver of hot tea is not time wasted.

Sitting at home, drinking my herbal tea, it feels good to know I’m sharing it with someone out there in my city. Someone whose night I may have made a little warmer, smile a little wider, faith in humanity a little easier.

Whether you stay calm or not, carry a up of hot tea with you. There is always someone in Philly who could use it.


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