Philly’s hidden Salon

What if there was a place in Philly, hidden in plain sight as just another apartment in yet another old building on a big street in a neighborhood that’s still years from being hip, hot, lit, or whatever the word is these days?

And what if inside that apartment was pure magic.

Yes, as the title suggests, there was indeed inside Philly’s hidden Salon. Perhaps there are dozens of them around the city. Maybe even hundreds.

Yet, the magic of this one is unique. No pictures because it’s a private residence and because… well, because you had to be there.

What makes a place magical? Reallllllly magical.

Spacious layout? Exposed brick wall? High arched ceilings with plenty of skylights? Industrial past? Unique and mesmerizing artwork? Welcome hosts (definitely that, btw)?

All of that no doubt contributed to the apartment being one-of-a-kind, ┬áin stark contrast to the carbon copy condos being raised left and right from NoLibs to West Philly. Those are business – this is art.

And still, there is much more to this place that makes it a true hidden Salon.

For starters, it invites (even if just once) brilliant musicians who not only play but engage the audience in discussion and learning.

And the audience itself is a who’s who of… no, not celebrities of any sort. Much better: the audience consists of people of personality, of characters truly representing Philly in all its curiosity, creativity, friendliness, chattiness, and beyond. It’s strangers and friends coming together for a very intimate shared experience of conversation, music, and food.

Speaking of food, the chef who custom crafted the dinner really made it a Salon. The food was the extension of the music, blending notes together – offering each guest to write their own symphony on the spot (and help others write theirs). There were even special dietary accommodations for those who needed them. Because that’s the kind of caring and attention that you never hear about talked when Philly is mentioned. And yet it is very much the fabric of our city. Just look at the number of vegan and special diet food places opening up every day.

So there it was and there it is – in the moment: the people, the music, the food, and the place. Ideas, introductions, conversations, and inspirations all filled the room. As they fill Philly every day. Just need to know where to look (plug: the weekly Always More To Philly email helps, as does our Calendar).

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