Today I discovered Philly (the most hidden part of it)

Today was the most magical of days. The best day to discover Philly. Every stranger I met became my best friend. The most personal and deep conversation with people I’ve met just a moment ago turned hours of what would be a “regular” work day into a moment of spiritual connection where every piece was right: the what, where, when, and – especially why.

Today was the day I discovered my new favorite place in Philly, The Random Tea Room and Curiosity Shop. ¬†This place is so magical, so perfect for what I wanted to create in a coffee… ew, I mean tea shop, that I wanted to call and tell every friend about it… but also to hide it from everyone. I wanted it all to myself, along with all the amazing visitors who cannot help but become your best friends, your biggest inspiration, you most trusted confidant and most honest critic. It is a place where I want to host all my events and celebrations but also don’t want to disturb the tiniest air of what makes it so unbelievably amazing.

Today was a day filled with pain – both physical and psychological. It was a day of worrying, panic, frustration, and powerlessness. Because chronic diseases do not let you have a 100% happy day.

Yet a very happy day it was. I’m not sure if I cried more from laughing or allergies. It was a day where no topic was taboo and sexual tension did not add any awkwardness to conversations. It was a day where I learned as much about myself as about others.

Most amazingly, it was a day where I discovered a hidden, truly magical corner of Philly on the street I walked a million times, never with as much as a clue of a hidden world. It was like finding a hidden room behind a painting, a room containing a whole other world. It felt like an invitation to discover Philly in the best way – by stumbling upon it with a little help from my friends (ok, one particular friend, but that Joe Cocker version is just wow).

Having grown up in Philly, having left and returned to it, having spent every week searching for undiscovered parts of Philly – I’m floored when such an unexpected and mind-blowing¬†discovery hits.

Because even to the editor of Philly’s hidden events, our wonderful city loves to send an unexpected and welcome reminder that there is Always More To Philly.

Tea cafe
Service Type
Tea cafe
Provider Name
The Random Tea Room & Curiosity Shop,
713 North 4th St. ,Philadelphia,PA-19123,
Northern Liberties
The best cafe in Philadelphia - amazing tea, dessert, and - most importantly - people.

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